With information explosion on the internet, and tremendous content posted every second, it is difficult to stand out.

Infographics do an excellent job of getting you noticed, because humans are better at processing visual information than text, which means an infographic will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

An infographic uses information, data or knowledge and turns it into a graphic, which is much easier to understand, can capture attention, drive brand awareness, go viral, and increase your customer base.

Besides being noticed and read, good and relevant infographics are more likely to be shared, having a wide reach when tweeted, liked, shared, pinned, and embedded over and over. And, when they bear your logo and brand identity they can be a great branding tool, to drive traffic to your website as people share it and link to it.

DesignWizardz creates aesthetically pleasing infographics that are attention-grabbing and informative, having great potential of getting liked, shared, talked about and remembered.

Each infographic design we create is tailored to a precise need, expressing our ideas through bold, imaginative graphics.

Our infographic designers are experts at analysing content and breaking it down into something easier to digest, thus making them more appealing, meaningful and manageable, expressing a lot of information in very little time.

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The pricing for developing and designing an infographic depends in many factors, as well as requirements of the client, enumerated below:

1. The size and content to be placed in the infographic
2. Whether raw data is provided by the client
3. Research of the topic provided by the client or to be done by us
4. Scripting of the data and content provided by the client or to be done by us
5. Whether special designed caricatures are to be used

Hence, the price and the time of delivery can only be quoted once the above and other related factors are taken into account.

Thus we request you to share a complete brief about your requirement of the infographic by clicking at the button below to enable us to take your order further.

Payment Terms


Advance Payment


On Finalization of Design


Before Delivery

Work Process

  1. Once we receive the brief, we shall call you to discuss the details.
  2. As the terms are worked out, you have to make the Advance Payment by Net Banking, Debit / Credit Card / E-Wallets etc through our Payment Gateway.
  3. Your order will be acknowledged through a confirmation mail.
  4. Our team will call you for discussions to get more information, your ideas and choices.
  5. The design options will be sent to you by Mail / WhatsApp.
  6. You can get changes done as per your choice.
  7. The finalized Infographic will be mailed to you in various formats.